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COMMUNISM OWNZ (Jan '08). Our latest film is a short involving a Nazi soldier getting his come-uppance via a man in an SAS jumper with a soviet badge on it... Perfectly historically correct, as always.


On this page we've put a few links to sites which are related to Infinit Films or just sites we think are worth taking a look at. Click the images to go to the sites.

The Infinity Films YouTube channel, where all our videos are hosted.

The Infinity Films MySpace profile, add us and leave comments!

OP-EZY is run by Ian Hawdon, who kindly hosts this site, as well as other cool stuff including recordings of Gareth's music.

Cheap internet domain names and hosting, where we bought '' from, for just £7 for 2 years!

The biggest, best, most detailed and in-depth movie database on the planet, web based or otherwise. Sadly, no, you won't find anything to do with us on there. Yet...

Amazing animations and shorts by David Firth. WARNING: Some (most) content is downright disturbing. (For the TRULY funny stuff, head to Jerry Jackson's corner :-D).



4/10/08- Just a quick update to tell you that we are currently filming "Max and Gareth's Top 10 Chat-Up Lines", a wonderful feature full of debauchery, violence, and Gareth wearing a lovely long blue skirt. Stay tuned.