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COMMUNISM OWNZ (Jan '08). Our latest film is a short involving a Nazi soldier getting his come-uppance via a man in an SAS jumper with a soviet badge on it... Perfectly historically correct, as always.

About Us

Basically we're four teenage lads from the North East of England who like arsing around with a video camera evern though what we come up with isn't always exactly Oscar nomination material.
All of our films so far have been made with one of two digital cameras that are meant for still images. Everything except the Corey's Cooking Masterclass episodes were filmes with a digital camera that only allows you to film for 20 seconds at a time with no audio. To top it off, all our films are currently edited using Windows Movie Maker, as my computer is too old and crap to run Magix Movie Edit Pro 12. So basically, you can understand the lack of technology and software we have available to us, yet we soldier on.
Max (that's me) and Corey Lees founded the group in the summer of 2005 when we made a couple of short films involving us jumping and fighting in bushes and Corey getting run over by a bicycle (you can view these early films here). After that we didn't do much until 2006 when our friend Jack Howey decided to join our little ensemble and together we produced a frighteningly realistic remake of a scene from the beginning of Terminator 2. Since then, another friend, Gareth Kitchener, has joined and we have made quite a few films, with many more to follow. I have recently acquired a Nokia N95, so until further notice we'll be using that to film things. It's a lot better than what we've previously been using!
We hope you like browsing our collection and stay tuned for more!
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4/10/08- Just a quick update to tell you that we are currently filming "Max and Gareth's Top 10 Chat-Up Lines", a wonderful feature full of debauchery, violence, and Gareth wearing a lovely long blue skirt. Stay tuned.