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COMMUNISM OWNZ (Jan '08). Our latest film is a short involving a Nazi soldier getting his come-uppance via a man in an SAS jumper with a soviet badge on it... Perfectly historically correct, as always.


Hello and welcome to, Random films for random people! Here you can find all of our films, as well as information about us and how to contact us. We hope you enjoy browsing our films, and please feel free to offer any criticism. Of the constructive kind, naturally.

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5/01/09- It is a sad day for us here at Infinity Films because whatever humourless prick owns the rights to Pressure by Skindred has claimed breach of copyright on our asses. I don't think it means we're getting sued... I hope. It just means that the video has been blocked on YouTube. Charming.

1/12/08- The trailer for "Gareth and Max's Top 10 Chat-Up Lines" is now up for viewing. In fact, to save hastle, I'll put it here for you.

4/10/08- Just a quick update to tell you that we are currently filming "Gareth and Max's Top 10 Chat-Up Lines", a wonderful feature full of debauchery, violence, and Gareth wearing a lovely long blue skirt. Stay tuned.