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The Practical Driving Test......

DSM provide you with all the coaching and techniques you'll need to pass both your Theory and Practical Driving Tests. In order to help you prepare, take a look through the "Links" section to see what DSM recommends to help you pass.

Night before check list

  • Your theory test pass certificate
  • Both parts of your signed photocard driving licence or your signed driving licence and photographic identification. Acceptable forms of photographic identification include;
  • Your photocard driving licence.
  • Your passport, which doesn't have to be a British passport.
  • An employers identity or workplace pass bearing your photograph and name or signature or both.
  • Trade Union card bearing your photograph and signature.
  • School Bus Pass bearing the name of the issuing authority and your photograph and signature.
  • A signed photograph, together with a suitable statement from a recognised figure of authority. Acceptable figures who can certify you as being the named person include: Approved Driving Instructor, Member of Parliament, Medical Practitioner, Teacher (qualified), Justice of the Peace, Police Officer, Civil Servant (established), Bank Official, Minister of Religion, Barrister or Solicitor.