Oct 2001


The Season so Far!  Oct 2001.  

This season the league moved to a new location at Cramlington. All minor problems were quickly overcome by good planning (and luck).  
Although one of our teams was greatly depleted for the first week of the season due to a number of players in the great north run they showed great resilience.   A minutes silence was immaculately observed by all present as a mark of respect to those who died in the USA disasters.  
The results from all our teams have either been excellent or  with a bit of fine tuning able to be improved.   The cup competitions have commenced again with mixed fortunes.  
Next month sees the possibility of the Heddon teams participating in a one day tournament at Dunston.   Funding has been provided by Castle Morpeth Council as part of their small grants scheme which has allowed the club to purchase additional training equipment which should see even a greater improvement in the results.  
We have 26 players registered to play at this time.    The league tables are frequently updated and are available via


The Heddon teams continue to improve as the season goes on. Mixed results for them has been the problem to date. There were good team and individual performances particularly during the Northern Baptists tournament held during this month The tournament  brought together  teams from Tyneside. Wearside.Teeside, Durham and Northumberland.

Due to the success of the club in attracting and retaining players the training sessions have been split allowing for the Premier Division and First Division players to receive closer coaching more appropriate to their age groups, The lack of a training area in Heddon is disappointing, with sessions being held on poorly drained grassed areas either at the School or in the Welfare field.

We have 28 players registered to play at this time. The league has been successful in  attracting funding from The North East & Cumbria Co-Op dividend Scheme.The money will go towards providing the end of season trophies and the cost of the presentation which will hopefully be held again at St James Park Newcastle. Anther fundraising idea being tried is the lucky number draw, A main league sponsor is still being actively sought. Social-  The leagues pie and peas Quiz night was cancelled due to a lack of interest. It is hoped that a league bowling evening will be held in December. The National organisation 'Christians in Football' have looked at these webpages and congratulated the club on its content. and intend to use the league rules and constitution as an example to other leagues. The Players and Leaders thank St Andrews Church, and the Heddon webmaster for  their continued support.    

1st Division Premier Division
Blue Team White Team Blue Team White Team
1.Dan Anderson (Capt) 1.Alex Burnie 1.Phil Edmondson 1 Simon Burns(Capt)
2.Jon Bone 2. Mark Chambers 2.Richard Glasper 2. Ian Edmondson
3.Scott Mudie 3. Conor Ferris 3. John Howlett 3.Andrew Gray
4. Dan Redpath 4 Richard Harrison 4.Lee Humble 4.Stephen Noble
5.Ben Thompson 5.David Wadds  (Capt) 5 Tom Naylor (Capt) 5.Chris Owen
6.Tom Watson 6.Stew Watson   6.John Stewart 6.Andrew Thirlwell
7. Hew Twizell   7.Ricky Turnbull 7. Matthew Burn
    8.Mark Turner  

January 2002

After the festive period the players were soon back in action, with some fine displays on show at recent matches.   The league takes a break now due to the pitches being booked for other events.  

In mid February 2002 the teams return to action and will be in at the deep end straight away  with a knockout cup competition being held at Cramlington bringing together teams from throughout the region.   We now have 29 players registered to play in the Heddon teams.- This is the highest number since the club started.   But the Heddon teams are not sitting back and relaxing as weekly  training continues.       

The split training sessions are working well,   The league has announced  that they now have a prestigious sponsor this being a world renowned football agents 'International soccer management'.   We are delighted that the league has been able to attract such a sponsor.   St Andrews FC are planning a very special social evening to take place in late march 2002- further details will be  provided on the Heddon website and throughout  the Village as  soon as they have been finalised.     

A signed Newcastle United football has been purchased by the club and will be used to help fundraising in the near future. A lucky number draw game intended for fundraising  by the league was due to lack of support. All the league leaders will be visiting Heddon in Late January for  a  meeting.