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Martyn Amos
Lived in East Town House since I was born in 1971, until I left for college in 1989. Infrequently appear, seemingly at random, in the Tuns. After getting my Doctorate I moved to Liverpool in 1996, where I am now a Lecturer in Bioinformatics doing research into (amongst other things) lung cancer and general biological stuff. I would love to hear from anyone who knows or remembers me from my days in the village. Visit me at http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~martyn
Born, and lived in Heddon, now living in Canada. The Waugh family owned and ran the old village Post Office from the early 1920's until the death of Colin's Uncle Billy in 1968.
Former village policeman 1971-1981. Lived in The Police House, Military Road. I was preceded by: Gordon Hartle, Reg Nesbit & Dick Bell. Currently retired and living nearby in Stamfordham. Daughter Joanne is a Staff Nurse at Newcastle General Hospital Accident & Emergency and son Simon is a Civil Engineer.
Ken & Lilian Appleby
We've lived in Heddon since 1976 Our children both attended the local schools. Gawaine is now Chief Operations Engineering Manager for TOTAL Offshore Marine in Aberdeen, and Michelle is IT & IP Solicitor for Ward Hadaway in Newcastle. I am the Lord Chancellors Nautical Assessor, but am now a retired Master Mariner, and spend much of my time as Webmaster of 3 websites for voluntary organsations. We enjoy theatre, cinema, and travel. Visit us at www.geocities.com/captkenn/
My family have farmed in the area for 30 years. Together with my wife and young family we have highhopes about our future in Heddon.
I have lived in Heddon for the best part of my 14 year lif. I am a regular at the badminton club on monday nights. I try to keep fit but I really don't think that it is working. I also play for the 6 a side church football team. I have played for them since the team first set foot onto the pitch. I go to Ponteland High School where I enjoy art and physics. Well that's my life
Alfred Gerald Davison
My ancestors (1780's) were presbyterians in Stamfordham. Otherwise I was born in Sunderland and now live in Denmark
Philip Edmondson
I am a member of the Heddon 6-a-side football club. A teenager who has lived in Heddon all my life.
Lived in Heddon for over 20 years and my claim to Cyber fame is that I am the Webmaster of this site. I work as a self-employed tutor/trainer in IT. Amonst other things, I am interested in geneology and I am kite flying in case there are any Farnaby's out there. If you want to see where I am coming from visit www.webink.demon.co/farnaby/
Born at 3 Clayton Terrace 78 years ago. Been in exile in Swansea since world war 2. Visited Heddon regularly up until the death of my mother Sarah Gibson in September 99. Lived in Mushroom Row in the old village went to Heddon C of E school. Used to keep contact with Bill Docherty who was a fellow amateur radio ham. My brother still lives in Stamfordham and I still go up there for my leek plants, which will be my next visit.
Lives in Heddon
Ron & Elsa Hall
We are the local Post Office & Newsagents. Telephone 01661 853433
Dorothy Hankey
Resident Trajan Walk.  Born Cheshire, Schools Poynton Cheshire, Standish and Chorley Lancs, Washington Co. Durham. Degree Maths & Technology Open University. Interests :- Embroidery, Exercise, Logic puzzles, craft work, walking. Lived in Newton from 1968, moved to Heddon 1995 on husband Edward's retirement. Joined ramblers 1995, W.I. 1999. Currently doing first year C&G embroidery at Kirkley Hall.

D. Hughes

I was at Heddon on the Wall school as a teenager and lived at South Houghton. My mother was working for a Major Calverley Bewicke who was a race horse trainer at Close House at this time. He and his wife and family lived at what we knew as High Close and is the large house standing back from the driveway. I believe the Bewicke family were of long standing at this house for many years and believe Major Bewicke had been one of Montgomerys officers. During my time at Heddon school I worked all school holidays in racing stables. The teacher at that time was a Mr. Rewcastle. To the old photos - I can remember Kenny Malthouse, Tommy Tulip, John Hunter, Gilbert Noble and a boy Ferguson. The faces of others are familiar but the names escape me. I hope this little information is of use to you.

Jon Ince


Just moved into Heddon for the view over the Tyne valley. Very tranquil location. Hobbies include fine wine, food, cinema, walking, scuba diving, motorbiking, Ceroc dancing and a business enterprise called TeamInFocus
I have a brother on Trajan Walk. He's been there for forty odd years. Lovely spot and very peacefull. If you had a soccer team to watch on Saturdays I'd maybe retire there.
Robin Jefferson
Lives in Heddon for the last 9 years comment Interested in Walking, Sailing, Flying & Photography
Russell Kernahan
Resident since 1971 - Heddon Methodist Church, Ad Murum Singers (Village Choir), Pathfinders Walking Group (Meets on last Wednesday of each month), Tyne Rowing Club (at Newburn, 3 miles away)
Brian Laverick
Resident in the old part of the village
Alan Linfoot
Resident for 23 years and having family connections going back 70 years. Living in the central older part of the village. Intersts include:- Motor racing, Sailing, Caravaning, Model making.
I have lived in Heddon for 20 years and have now retired from being Clerk to Heddon on the Wall Parish Council.  I enjoy village life and my interests are mainly Local History, Patchwork and Quilting (I'd love to hear from other quilters). I grow show carnations and am a member of the Great North Carnation Society.  My Grandson, Daniel, also keeps me busy.  How did I find time to go to work!
Lives in Heddon

Ricky Nettleton

I lived there as a child from 1947 until 1958. I was surprised to see there was a website and entertained by all the local photographs. I now live in Sydney Australia.
Lived in Heddon for the last 18 years. Interests include gardening, travel, 'surfing' and have been known to win the occasional prize in the heddon village show!
Moved to Heddon in 1960 (aged 6) and moved away in 1970. I have many fond memories of Heddon. In the time that I lived there the village changed dramatically. New school (althougth it came in two bits), the building of the Bainbridge and Vallum housing estates, a new vicar (Rev Hay being replaced by Rev Farrence), a new Post Office after Willy Waugh died and our post-lady (Violet Waugh) retired, the new Co-op and the demolition of the old one together with the cottages behind to create a car park for the Three Tuns and Bays Leap open-cast mine was (eventually) exhausted to name but a few. Many recollections and people stick in my mind; the Village Show where I won 1st Prize for my hand-writing (its gone down-hill since!); sledgeing on the hill next to Tulips garage; the Headmaster (Mr Davison); my teachers at the school (Mrs Urwin and Miss Carse); village plays organised by Mrs Swan; singing in the choir under the leadership of Mr Hall the organist; the untimley death of my mother (Jayne Parker); delivering the Evening Chronicle in the old village centre and along the Military Road; my peers at school and other friends (John, Richard and Elizabeth Urwin, Andy Avery, Charlie Hay, Pamela Davidson, Gillian Armitage, Christine Jolly, Christine Bell, Roger Diggle, William Swan, Rodderick Wallace, John Calvert, Clive Jones, John Dean and many more.) I wonder where these people are today?
Kim Pearson
Lives in the old part of village and takes an interest in all aspects of village life
Lived in Heddon for 10 Years, parents still living on Antonine Walk. Now living in Gloucester. Visit me at members.xoom.com/andypyle/Webpage.htm
I have lived in Heddon since the age of 11. I am currently living in London and am a fourth year medical student at St Bartholomew's and the Royal London school of medicine in the east end.
Shawna Robertson Harp
My grandparents lived in Heddon, and father and aunt were born and lived there when they were young. My father John Robertson was born in Heddon in 1925. His parents were Ann Walton Robertson, and John Robertson, sister Mabel Robertson. He recently passed away, and my mother and I are creating a memory book for his grandchildren. We are looking for people who may remember him?

Peter Rodgers

I am looking for any detail on George Bainbridge as he built my house for himself and I would love to know more about him. I think this media is a great way to enable the village to knit together as a community and perhaps get to know one another.
Sid & Lilian Smith
Residents since March 1961. Interested in Local history, Ex Beekeeper, Ex RAF Pilot. Hobbies include gardening, Heddon show entrant.
Lived in heddon for 11 year
Michael Thornton
Lives in Heddon village - local freelance photographer
Margaret M. Waters
Member of Conservative Party. Have lived in Heddon most of my life. Enjoy walking. Would be interested in making contact with any IMac users.
Edith A Ward (nee Dixon)
Lived in Heddon from 1938 to 1948. Now lives in Australia. Contributed some of her memories of life in Heddon

Rob Walker

Lived in heddon most my life since born in 1971. Was scout leader for quite a few years. I used to live on Hexham Road and quite often visited Richard Barbers farm, (see below). Lived in Heddon until 18, worked in london, moved to Durham, now have a house in Blucher! Mother - Geraldine Bates, Step father - Tom Bates. Feel free to visit my site www.surfrock.co.uk and sign the guestbook.
St. Andrew's Football Club
Tyne Rowing Club
We are just down the road from Heddon, on the banks of the Tyne at Newburn. Visit us at www.tynerowingclub.org