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Full Dynamic Range - For The Best Sound Quality!

At The Railroad Recording Company, we are passionate about great sounding recordings. We do not kill music by making it louder than it should be. For more information, click the logo above.


Recent News:

Introducing: The Railroad Player!

The gadget at the right hand side plays the latest and greatest Railroad Recordings from various albums and artists.

To start it, click on the track you want to hear, or just press play, after one track finishes, it will move onto the next in the playlist. If you like what you hear, you can right click on the player and click "More info about playing track" and your browser will open a new tab (or window) taking you to the artist's page on the album the requested track came from.

From here you can buy the album in a physical format, or download e-formats (Lossless FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, or MP3*) all, of course, in glorious Full Dynamic Range sound

*MP3 only available on certain albums.

Upcoming Releases:

  • Gareth Kitchener: The Gregson's Room Sessions - Remastered
  • Gareth Kitchener: For One Day Only! - Remastered
  • Suburban Atmosphere: ...On The Road - Remastered
  • Suburban Atmosphere: Live at The Ship - 5th April 2009
  • Gareth Kitchener: [Untitled EP (Don't leave me)]
  • Dave Morrison: [TBC]