TOPIC: Ian the lucky git

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Date: Tues, Mar 15 2005 20:54
From: "Silvershadow"

Ian has went to Australia for 4 weeks. Yes that may cut into the easter
but still thats 3 weeks no school. I wonder if the school will give him
work to do while he is gone?

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Date: Thurs, Mar 17 2005 08:14
From: "Gill Bates"

G'day mates!

No they haven't! The weather is great down here, i am actually here for
5 weeks! It was a 23 hour flight (and an 11 hour delay because of fog!)
Of course, because of the 11 hour time difference i can hardly ever
catch anyone on msn! (icl. Anna Reay! :'( ) But atleast i can annoy
people by ringing them at 2am!

I have taken lodes of pictures of the wildlife, it really must be seen
in real life!!!

Well it is now tea time (19:00) (8:00GMT) So i'd better be goin'

P.S. At least i am rid of Shaw!!!

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Date: Thurs, Mar 17 2005 8:25
From: "Silvershadow"

Well good, I hope your getting me a present from Australia. Thank i
sold my phone aswell

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Date: Sat, Mar 19 2005 16:43
From: "H2G2"

let's get this right
NO school
No work
NO shaw
Hot weather
Internet acces

are you sure you didn't die and go to heaven?

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Date: Sun, Mar 20 2005 10:58
From: "Silvershadow"

no anna