TOPIC: Xbox v Playstation 2

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Date: Tues, Feb 22 2005 18:47
From: "Potter"

As an Xbox gamer, i (obviously) have to face criticism from Playstation
2 gamers just because i chose to have an all-round better games
console. Their main argument is how heavy Xbox's are but who gives a
shit when they are just gonna sit on a desk or a friggin table, its not
asif you've got to hold them whilst you are playing them. There is also
the fact that Xbox controllers are bigger than those of the PS2, but
you soon get used to them or you can buy a smaller one. I hope people
will understand my point one day.

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Date: Tues, Feb 22 2005 18:56
From: adam****@*****.***

Biggest load of crap ever, yes its a big console thats because the
owner is trying to make up for something (that is, if he is a man) but
the fact of the matter every single good game that comes out for xbox
will come out for playstation, the only advantage to the xbox is halo
and halo 2 but they come out for pc anyway so you dont miss out and
aparantly x box live is amazing but iv played an xbox and x box live
and i can see nothing that xbox has that a ps2 has.
Also a PS2 is much more reliable as polls and stats show and sony have
been in the console arena before with the PSX and PS1 so they know
before hand what kind of things to look out for and what things to add.
Sony would have made alot of gaming friends such as rockstar over their
ps1 era and now rockstar are making the grand theft auto serias only
for PS2, you would have to wait a year and a bit to come out for PC and
god knows how long for xbox. Then we come to look and weight, with ps2s
and xbox if your friend has WiFi it is nice to take a couple of
consoles their and play LAN in the house so thats why people complain
about weight.

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Date: Tues, Mar 15 2005 20:58
From: "Silvershadow"

Notice how "Potter" had nothing to say in his defence, i think i win
the argument then.