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Date: Tues, Feb 22 2005 18:22
From: adam****@*****.***

Ebay the biggest auction site on the internet. P bay the only auction
site for Ponteland High thats if it gets done.
Skelly,richard and charles(the tall, strong kid that enjoys bullying
black kids) are the so called brains behind the project. Basically they
are going to make the website and have auction taken place, only people
in the school can make the auction and win the auction.
In some respects i think it will work, as there isnt any fees to
pay(ebay fees)
no scams to look out for otherwise you can just contact the teacher,
and no hastle posting things in the post office while old ladys are
getting their pension. So it might work. Then again what do people have
to sell, anyone with any sense would sell on ebay more people to bid
and higher price recieved.
We will just have to see

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Date: Wed, Feb 23 2005 11:46
From: richard**********@*******.***

Am i the only one who thinks no-one will ever auction anything?
This is destined to be a flop.

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Date: Wed, Feb 23 2005 21:46
From: "Skelly"

This is a guarenteed flop! The 6th formers are the brains... we're just
being contracted (and paid!) to do it. You can check it out by typing
pbay into the address bar in school, beta test mode, ie no payment is

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Date: Thu, Feb 24 2005 12:53
From: "H2G2"

(coughs twice)

lawsuit possible

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Date: Wed, Mar 2 2005 13:45
From: "Silvershadow"

lawsuit is possible as pbay is a profitably organisation charging 10%
commision. I think someone should contact ebay telling them about this.

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Date: Wed, Mar 2 2005 16:30
From: ian_******@*******.***

PBAY, it looks ok,

But how do u pay people?

BTW, i am selling a grafix card!

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Date: Wed, Mar 2 2005 18:20
From: "H2G2"

here's another copyright,

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Date: Tues, Mar 15 2005 20:56
From: "Silvershadow"

You pay with cash. You give it to Mr Armstrong i guess i he gives you
the "goods"

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Date: Wed, Mar 16 2005 20:05
From: "Silvershadow"

"But how do u pay people?" ian hawdon

You pay straight with cash. Mr armstrong makes the trade.

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Date: Sat, Mar 19 2005 16:44
From: "H2G2"

Has anyone actually got anything yet?

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Date: Sun, Mar 20 2005 11:01
From: "Silvershadow"

no, i havnt , i saw mr armstrong on friday and pbay is in a right mess,
all those anti bulling bands he has muddled up and given to the wrong
people, not very organised.