TOPIC: Linux or Microsoft

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Date: Fri, Feb 18 2005 15:17
From: adam****@*****.***

An increasing number of users are considering Linux as an alternative
to Microsoft for their desktop software.

The open source operating system can be downloaded for free on the
internet and is supported by a range of applications
Vendors such as Sun Microsystems are preparing to offer packaged
open-source desktops that do not need Windows. But research from
analyst Gartner suggests that Linux may not be as attractive an option
as its supporters claim.

Rather than being a cheap alternative to Windows, Gartner says that
most users should not expect to reduce costs by migrating to Linux on
the desktop.

It can be a challenge for the Linux user working with external users
who run different desktop operating systems with Microsoft-based

Microsoft and Linux systems use different source code and data
structures. The knowledge worker who uses Linux and wishes to run
Microsoft data must convert information from the Microsoft source.

CodeWeaver's CrossOver Office package helps users run Windows-based
applications in a Linux environment.

This type of initiative helps, but interoperability inevitability
hinders the Linux knowledge worker.

Should the sensible choice be to avoid a Linux operating system on the

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Date: Fri, Feb 18 2005 15:35
From: ian_******@*******.***

Well I have been running linux for about 2 years,

I use fedora core 3, it comes with open office, a free office package,
it can read all microsoft office documents,

As for running windows programs, a free program called Wine is
available, throught this i have been able to use WinMX perfectly fine!

Installing programs isnot to hard, if you are using Fedora, Red Hat,
SuSE or Mandrake, you can use what is called an RPM (RedHat Package
Manager), this makes installing a peice of cake ;-)

If you need windows, you can dual boot between the two.

Linux is a reli good os (operating system) and should be tried.

Gill Bates

P.S. you can download linux at

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Date: Sat, Feb 19 2005 15:58
From: adam****@*****.***

The fact of the matter is window is well known by all, so people in all
industrys get trained with windows so therefore they can fix problems
that ocure on windows. People then fell that it is better to have
windows not only do they learn to use it in school,work place and
public domains but their is alot of tech support for windows.

If linux is ever going to rise the ranks it needs to make operating
systems that schools will be comfortable with , must have good
interface , easy menu and programs system. If linux can get this in
schools then people will start to grow comfortable with linux as those
kids grow they get linux for their pcs as they know what they are doing
with linux.

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Date: Sat, Feb 19 2005 16:17
From: skelly*******@*****.***

And this is just the 'best bits of'